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Covenant with Connection

Discover how to become part of the Connection Point family!

Why A Covenant...



noun: covenant; plural noun: covenants

an agreement which brings about a relationship of commitment between God and his people.

In other words, a covenant isn't just a promise... it's a relationship! It's a commitment that goes way beyond just giving your word. It's a bond that should never be broken.

Why do we have a covenant at Connection Point? Because for too long, the local church has had "membership." That worked for a while. However, as our culture has changed, so has the perks of membership. Now, when someone becomes a member of a gym or a country club, we begin to think of our rights as a member. A covenant relationship, though, goes both ways. It's about the church being committed to you just like you being committed to the church.

When you attend our Covenant With Connection class, if you sign on the dotted line at the end of the class, you aren't just saying that you want to join a church... you're joining a family. As a family, we will be there for you to help in your time of need and celebrate with you in your times of victory. However, we also expect our family members to be there for us as well. How can you be there for us? That's exactly what we talk about in this class.

Don't Join A Church... Join A Family!!!

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