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Mission, Vision & Values

Discover the heartbeat of Connection Point Church

Our Mission...

To connect ALL people with Jesus and with each other!

In Matthew 28, Jesus commanded his disciples to go into all the world, make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to obey. That is the core of our mission at Connection Point Church. We believe that connecting with Jesus isn't just a one-time moment, but rather a process, and as you encounter him day after day, week after week, that connection will help you be more and more like him.

Connecting with each other is also a critical part of our mission as God never created us to go throughout this life all alone. Part of connecting with Jesus will be connecting with other people so that we can all make it through this life together.

Our Vision...

To change the way people think about church!

The research shows that over 250,000 people in the greater Pensacola area want nothing to do with God nor with the church. If church has been "done" the same way for the past 10, 20, even 50 years, and we're still not influencing those 250,000 people, then it's obvious that something has to change.

Please understand that we're not comparing ourselves to other churches. We're not saying that we're right and other churches are wrong. We're not saying that we're better than other churches. We want NOTHING to do with comparing ourselves with other churches. This is a personal vision, a "calling," for us to change the way we've done things in the past so we might be able to reach those who want nothing to do with God nor with the church.

Our Values...

Real - Relevant - Relational

REAL... Means that we are going to intentionally seek two things. First, we want to create an environment of authenticity where you don't feel pressured to put on a mask and be someone you're not. Where you don't have to pretend that life is grand when life has beaten you to a pulp. Where we all understand that we're floating around through life in the exact same boat.

Secondly, we want to create an environment that embraces diversity. To us, that's not just a black and white thing, though. That's definitely part of it. To us, though, diversity is even larger. It's embracing ALL people no matter their ethnicity, their wealth, their sexual preference, or their spiritual beliefs. To truly embrace diversity, it means that every person who walks through our doors will be treated with the same unconditional love, respect and dignity as everyone else. Ultimately, our desire is to create an environment where ALL people feel comfortable and can meet Jesus every week.

RELEVANT... Means that we want church to be worth your time on Sunday mornings. We want you to leave encouraged, challenged, and inspired. It also means that we want our Kids Connection (our children's ministry) to be an environment of fun where our children can meet Jesus Sunday after Sunday.

RELATIONAL... Means that we want to create environments and opportunities to connect with others who might become more than just a Sunday morning acquaintance. From elementary on, we focus on small groups. Our Kids Connection will have time each Sunday where the kids break into age-appropriate small groups. Our student ministry (middle & high school) will have small groups. Finally, all kinds of small groups will be offered for adults from Bible studies to recreational groups.

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